Make the Switch to

Make the Switch to

Moving your checking account to  is easier than you think.
We’ve put together all of the necessary forms in one convenient packet called a “switch kit.” Here, you will find links to the three forms you need to process the change. Once you have clicked each link, you can view and print out each form. Then, just submit the completed forms to the right folks. That’s all there is to it!


Step 1: Open your new  Account

Select the account that is best for you and open your  account online from our home page or click the link below to get started:

Open Your Account Now!

It’s easy! Nothing to sign, fax or mail!


Step 2: Change Direct Deposit Information

This form should be printed, completed and then submitted to your pay provider.

Click to view the Direct Deposit Form

NOTE: Social Security Direct Deposit information can be included on this form or you may use the form online at to have your Social Security payments directly deposited to your bank account.


Step 3: Change Automatic Payment Information

For automatic payments deducted from your checking account, complete this form and present to each payee. This would include utility and loan payments – any scheduled payment you wish to have automatically paid at designated times.

Click to view the Automatic Payments Form


Step 4: Close Your Existing Checking Account or Leave it Open and use our Bank-to-Bank Transfer product to transfer money to and from your Existing Checking Account

This is the final easy step. Complete this form and submit it to the bank you will no longer be using.

Click to view the Close Old Accounts Form